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february 5, 2018 | Newsletter

Michael P. Mullin

Member, House of Delegates
District 93

Criminal Justice Reform

I stood with my fellow House Democrats to discuss criminal justice reform and the opioid crisis. I was pleased to discuss HB 202, which allows for those owing court costs, fines, and fees to be informed of the option to cover those costs by completing community service.

On To The Senate!

Friday we had three bills get voted on by the full House! HB 1260HB 1511, and HB 507 were all passed! They will now begin the legislative process in the Senate. We worked on HB 1260 with Attorney General Mark Herring to address human trafficking, HB 1511 allows Commonwealth's Attorneys to serve process in some instances, and HB 507 which includes Dual Language in K-12 Standards of Quality. We have some more bills headed to the floor soon, and some still waiting to be heard in committee later this week.    

Follow my legislation through the process!

Last week we were able to discuss distracted driving bills and come up with HB 181, which makes texting while driving that substantially diverts you from the road a crime -- in a work zone it's a $250 fine. I am  proud to be a Chief Co-Patron on this bill carried by Delegate Collins along with Delegate Ayala. HB 201 and HB 202, regarding the backlog of restitution and community service for court costs respectively, made it out of subcommittee and will be heard in the full Courts committee this week. 

I will always stand with Transitions Family Violence Services in combating domestic violence​

AFL-CIO Reception
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Remembering Judge Logsdon

I didn't expect to rise again so soon for the loss of another friend and judicial leader. Judge Logsdon passed away after a fight with cancer. Judge Logsdon made me, and all those thousands of people who came through his courtroom, better for that interaction. Click the picture to view my remarks. 

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