Michael P. Mullin

Member, House of Delegates
District 93


February 28, 2019 | Newsletter

LWV Williamsburg

Stalwart advocates for the ERA here each week -- the ERA was thwarted this year but we have next year!

​​​​Proudly representing Virginia's 93rd District

New Maps
​We will have new maps for the 2019 elections! As a result of a federal court case regarding racial gerrymandering, the 93rd District is one that was affected by the drawing of new lines. If you would like to check and see if your representatives change at all as a result of the new maps, you can find out here.

Wburg Realtors
​​Great chatting with this group that provides help to our community and those who want to join it!

Tuskegee Airmen

It was an honor to meet Harry Quinton, an original Tuskegee Airman and now resident of Williamsburg

Newport News Healthy Families
​​Forever grateful for the employees and volunteers who help new families in Newport News 

Check how my legislation fared!

HB 1771 on juvenile crime prevention, which was a direct recommendation from the House Select Committee on School Safety, was signed by the Governor and will become law on July 1, 2019!

Bills awaiting signatures from the Governor:

HB 1673 on preliminary protective orders
HB 1674 on abuse and neglect of elders
HB 1773 on pawnbroker definitions
HB 1774 on pawnbroking identification
HB 6438 on DJJ training standards
HB 1772 on opinions of the FOIA Council
HB 1671 on child abuse claims in other states; Heaven's Law
HB 2118 on the Department of Forensic Science

Referred Resolution agreed to by House and Senate:

HJR 646 designating September 11th as First Responders' Day annually

Girl Scouts

​​It was a pleasure giving these scouts a tour of Jefferson's Capitol! One might even run for office someday!

Adjournment Sine Die

​Yesterday, the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia "adjourned sine die," which is latin for the 2019 Legislative Session is over! It went one day later than expected in order for the House and Senate to come to a final agreement on the state budget. Our budget is something to be proud of! We've made huge investments in public education through teacher raises, funding for more school counselors, and increased undergraduate student financial aid. We've put more money than ever before into the Water Quality Improvement Fund and allocated money for stormwater local assistance. If you'd like to explore what else is in the budget that's on its way to the Governor's desk, you can look here. 

I had some special visitors in the Capitol during our final week, they helped me vote and present my bills! This year, I am extremely proud of my 10 pieces of legislation that have passed both the House and Senate with bipartisan support!

Redistricting Reform is a Reality!

​In the 11th hour of this Session, nonpartisan redistricting reform was agreed to by the House and Senate to amend Virginia's Constitution before new maps get drawn in 2021. My heart was with the late Senator John Miller as he was one of the strongest advocates for making this a reality. I miss him dearly.

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