​​Proudly representing Virginia's 93rd District

"When I read that President Trump was proposing the elimination of all funding for Chesapeake Bay cleanup, I was stunned.  The health of the Bay has been improving, and it's crazy to think we might not continue that progress.  I organized a rally in Williamsburg, and it turns out that a lot of people agree with me!  I'm excited that all funding has subsequently been restored."

"I believe in being tough when it's

needed and giving second chances
where it's warranted.  We need to
take every opportunity to help
​troubled kids get on the right path."

"Whenever we can give back to our communities that have given so much to us, we absolutely should. I can never repay this community for all it has done for me, but I'm gonna try."


Criminal Justice

As a former criminal prosecutor, Mike has been a leader in combating gang violence and cracking down on sex crimes in Hampton Roads. He will always make sure that the most vulnerable in our community are protected.

In Richmond, Mike has put his background in criminal justice to work, focusing on ending the school-to-prison pipeline. Too often, Virginia children go straight from the classroom to prison. Mike is working to ensure our system is more focused on educating kids than on channeling them to the criminal justice system.

Mike is a strong advocate for Virginia women and families affected by domestic or sexual abuse. This spring, Governor McAuliffe signed Mike’s legislation to ensure that violent felons will no longer be eligible for first offender status under the state’s domestic violence laws.

Mike was awarded "Champion of Justice" by the Virginia Association of Commonwealth Attorneys for his work on these issues in Richmond.

Jobs & Economy

Mike has been working to bring good high-paying jobs to the region.  Partnering with our local colleges and universities, Mike is finding ways to grow our economy and create high quality jobs across the Peninsula. Mike believes investing in local small businesses so they can create jobs and help our area thrive and grow is critical. Mike voted to support expanding Worker Retraining tax credits that will help small businesses create the most ready and trained workforce. Mike also voted to waive tax penalties on small businesses in their first two years when they are starting up.

Women make up almost half of the workforce, so fighting to ensure equal pay for equal work becomes a reality in Virginia is a goal of Mike's.

Mike has received endorsements from the KML Carpenters, the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation, the Virginia AFL-CIO, Virginia Professional Firefighters Association.


Mike was a strong supporter of expanding Medicaid in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Medicaid expansion, enacted in 2018, extends coverage to nearly 400,000 Virginians, and put money back into the state budget for schools, mental health, and state employee raises. Mike believes this was a common-sense solution that improves the lives of citizens of the 93rd District and Virginia.

Mike is a strong advocate and supporter of women making their own health choices. That is why Mike has stood in support of Planned Parenthood and advocated for affordable birth control.

Mike has received endorsement from NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia for these efforts.


As the father of three young boys, Mike is committed to working for a world class education for every Virginia child. Mike will work to expand early childhood education so that each child has access to a quality pre-K education. Studies show that children who attend pre-K are more prepared for school. Mike will always support efforts to fully fund our public schools and that means not diverting funds to private institutions. We must also pay teachers a better salary. Our children deserve the best teachers and our teachers deserve fair compensation. Mike is proud to have supported a 2% salary increase for teachers last session. Mike has also worked to end the culture of high-stakes testing by eliminating some of the Standards of Learning requirements.

Mike's commitment to education has earned him the endorsement of the Virginia Education Association.


Mike is committed to making sure we have an environment that protects our region’s natural beauty and encourages job creation.  

These goals are accomplished by:

Protecting the Chesapeake Bay: Jobs in Hampton Roads rely on a clean and protected Chesapeake Bay. Mike will continue to be a strong voice for providing full funding for the cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay.

Promoting Renewable Energy: Mike believes that we must find ways to promote clean energy with investments in wind, solar, and other renewable resources. Mike will also continue to advocate for legislation that will create an electric and clean vehicle infrastructure for the future.

Addressing the Problem of Climate Change: The Virginia Peninsula is created by the York and James Rivers, so the impacts of climate change, particularly flooding, are of great concern to residents and businesses. Mike is committed to expanding our efforts to curb climate change, including renewable energy, efficient modes of transportation, and recycling.

Mike is proud to be endorsed by the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters.

Affordable Housing

Mike will support policies that ensure that all Virginians have access to safe and stable homes and any additional resources needed that will enable them to thrive in the community. This includes:

* Increasing funding for the Virginia Housing Trust Fund, a flexible loan and grant resource that addresses a range of local housing needs from homelessness to homeownership

* Promoting home energy efficiency programs that reduce monthly utility costs and help keep housing costs sustainable

* Providing access to permanent and supportive homes for individuals with mental health and disability needs.

"I talk a lot about the school to prison pipeline because I see the impacts in the courtroom every day.  We can spend money on providing every Virginia child with a great education, or we can spend it to build more prisons.  It really is that simple."