​​​​Proudly representing Virginia's 93rd District

"When I read that President Trump was proposing the elimination of all funding for Chesapeake Bay cleanup, I was stunned. The health of the Bay has been improving, and it's crazy to think we might not continue that progress. I organized a rally in Williamsburg, and it turns out that a lot of people agree with me! I'm excited that all funding has subsequently been restored." – MIKE


Healthcare Access

Mike was a strong supporter of expanding Medicaid in Virginia. Enacted in 2018, this expansion extended coverage to nearly 400,000 Virginians and allocated money for schools, mental health, and state employee raises. This common-sense solution had a direct, positive impact on the lives of Virginians in the 93rd district. 

While we’ve made progress with Medicaid, Mike knows there’s still work to do. In Richmond, he’ll fight to expand access to programs like dental and eye care because he knows there are too many Virginians that are left behind. 

Mike is a strong advocate and supporter of women making their own health care decisions. He believes health choices should be made between a woman and her doctor, not the government.  Mike supports Planned Parenthood and advocates for affordable birth control.

Mike’s campaign has been endorsed by NARAL Virginia and Planned Parenthood Virginia. 

Education Funding

As the father of three young boys and the son of a public-school teacher, Mike knows the value of providing a world-class education to every child in Virginia. Mike works to expand early childhood education so that every Virginian child has access to quality pre-K schooling. Mike always supports efforts to fully fund our public schools and opposes diverting education funds to private corporations. 

Mike understands that to retain and recruit the best teachers for our students, we have to pay them fairly. That’s why In 2019, Mike helped pass the first pay raise for Virginia teachers in over a decade. 

Mike's commitment to education has earned him the endorsement of the Virginia Education Association.

Community Safety

Mike decided to run for Delegate for the same reason he became a prosecutor - to keep our community safe. Mike’s experience as the only prosecutor in the House of Delegates makes him an authority on community safety. Every day, Mike fights for Virginia families both in and out of the courtroom. Mike has seen how gun violence can tear apart families. 

In 2019, Mike co-sponsored a bill that would require universal background checks on gun sales in Virginia. Mike believes that Virginia needs common-sense gun reforms to ensure the safety of our children and loved ones.

Mike has a strong record in Richmond of being the foremost defender of families. Earlier this year, he sponsored the “Heaven’s Law” bill, which protects children from child abuse. The bill passed with unanimous, bipartisan support, and solidified Mike’s reputation as Richmond’s biggest advocate for the vulnerable. By passing a bill that focuses on preventing elder abuse, Mike is also working to protect our aging population on the Peninsula and make this community safer for everyone. 

Criminal Justice

As a criminal prosecutor, Mike is a leader in combating gang violence and cracking down on sex trafficking in the Peninsula to defend the community’s most vulnerable. 

In Richmond, Mike puts his criminal justice background to work, working to end the school-to-prison pipeline. Too often, Virginia children go straight from the classroom to prison. That’s why Mike passed a bill that allows guidance counselors and school administrators to use state resources to step in. Investing in our children early on keeps them out of the courtroom, and helps make our community safer. Mike works to ensure our school system supports and educates kids, instead of channeling them into the criminal justice system.

As a criminal prosecutor, Mike is a strong advocate for Virginia women and families affected by domestic or sexual abuse in the legislature. One of Mike’s first legislative initiatives was to pass a bill that ensures violent felons will no longer be eligible for first offender status under the state’s domestic violence laws.

Jobs & Local Economy 

Mike has been working to bring good, high-paying jobs to the region. Partnering with our local colleges and universities, Mike works to grow our economy and create high-quality jobs across the Peninsula. Mike believes that investing in local small businesses is critical to creating jobs and helping our area thrive. He supported expanding Worker Retraining tax credits that help small businesses create a high-skilled, trained workforce. 

Women make up almost half of the workforce, so Mike is fighting to ensure equal pay for equal work becomes a reality in Virginia. Mike stood with his democratic colleagues and supported the  ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in the 2019 session.

Environment: Clean Air and Water

Mike supports legislation for our environment that protects our region’s natural beauty and encourages job creation. Mike is a strong voice for providing cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay, because jobs in the Peninsula rely on a flourishing ecosystem. Mike also believes in promoting clean energy with investments in wind and solar power. Mike continues to advocate for a job-creating clean vehicle infrastructure for the future.

Impacts of climate change, especially flooding and water quality, will substantially harm residents and businesses in the Peninsula. As a father of three, Mike wants to ensure we aren’t leaving polluted water supplies and land for our children. 

Investing in clean, 21st century jobs will help preserve the Peninsula. Virginia is years behind states like North Carolina and Maryland because of the grip that energy utilities like Dominion hold on our state. Mike supports bringing Virginia into the 21st-century economy by investing in clean-energy jobs. 

Mike is proud to be endorsed by the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters.

Affordable Housing

Mike endorses policies that ensure that all Virginians have access to safe and stable homes, good jobs, and high-quality support services. He supports increasing funding for the Virginia Housing Trust Fund, a flexible loan and grant resource, promoting home energy efficiency programs that reduce monthly utility costs, and endorses access to permanent homes for individuals with mental health and disability needs.

"I talk a lot about the school to prison pipeline because I see the impacts in the courtroom every day.  We can spend money on providing every Virginia child with a great education, or we can spend it to build more prisons.  It really is that simple." – MIKE

"Whenever we can give back to our communities that have given so much to us, we absolutely should. I can never repay this community for all it has done for me, but I'm gonna try."  – MIKE