​​Proudly representing Virginia's 93rd District

Credit Union Day

Great to see folks from Bayport and 1st Advantage!

Distillers' Day
​​Reps from 8 Shires and Copper Fox were in the building last week!

Williamsburg Women's March

The Williamsburg Women's March took on new meaning this year as the General Assembly is once again deciding whether or not to pass the ERA. I brought all three of my sons to the March to show them what we are fighting for. I know for a fact we have the votes on the floor of the House of Delegates, if only we can get it out of committee. Contact Delegates on the House Committee on Privileges and Elections to vote YES!

January 21, 2019 | Newsletter

Military and Vet Caucus

Each week we gather to discuss bills pertaining to our military! Proud to represent Hampton Roads!

Bills on the House Floor!

We're on Day 13 of 45 and I already have bills being heard on the House floor this week! Out of 15 pieces of legislation, about half have already made their way through the subcommittee process. I'm hopeful to have some more bills on the floor by the time the week is over! HB 1773 and HB 1774 were passed unanimously out of the General Laws Committee. These bills were direct recommendations from the City of Newport News and make some common-sense changes to laws regarding pawnbrokers. 

Click here to follow my bills through the process!

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Page Delivery!
​​We love our helpful pages! Hope they're having a great time in Richmond!

Michael P. Mullin

Member, House of Delegates
District 93

Plate Seniority
​3 years in and sporting 76. We do have term limits, they're called elections!

York County

​Friends from York County stopped by to chat about the Yorktown Power Station and opportunities for renewable energy in our community!

Distracted Driving

Since last Session, I have been working diligently with Delegate Chris Collins to pass a law to prohibit cell phone use while driving. Currently, someone is only breaking the law if they are using a keyboard, but apps like Snapchat and other games are not included in the law. This proposed legislation hits home for a Williamsburg family who lost their daughter and cousin, Lakin, to distracted driving. We must come to a consensus this year to protect all drivers on the road.